From Student President to MP: The Inspiring Journey of Preet Kaur Gill

Preet Kaur Gill – Born to Indian parents in Edgbaston Birmingham rose out to be the Member of Parliament from the same constituency in 2017.  She was recently appointed the Shadow Minister for Primary Care and Public Health

She believes that her struggles as a second-generation immigrant in the United Kingdom are one of the reasons that she feels more connected with the community of her constituency. Gill is also the first female British Sikh MP.

Her leadership journey started much earlier in life. She completed her education at the Lordswood Girls School and Bournville College, where Gill displayed her leadership potential by being elected as a student President. This early achievement demonstrated her ability to inspire and lead, even at a young age.

Shadow Minister for Primary Care and Public Health

The position of “Shadow Minister for Primary Care and Public Health” holds paramount importance within the healthcare sector, particularly as the nation plans to enhance the National Health Service (NHS).

Gill says she plans to build the NHS fit for the future with a brilliant  & shadow health team. Her experience in providing social services to people in Israel, and India also acts as a huge plus point as she embarks on her journey as Shadow Minister for Primary Care and Public Health.

Preet Kaur Gill with her constituents

Commitment to Social Service

Throughout her career, even as a student leader, and after graduating Gill had an unwavering commitment to help people, and worked as a social worker in Kibbutz Israel, and also with the street children in India.

Such experiences allowed her to gain a profound understanding of diverse communities and their needs, further strengthening her ability to advocate for positive change.

Recently appointed the Labour Party’s Shadow Minister for Primary Care and Public Health, Preet Kaur Gill also shares her experiences in the care sector.

As the councillor for Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council, Gill served as the Cabinet Member for Public Health and Protection.

Roles in Public Health and Protection

Notably, Gill’s experience in health care spans her work as a social worker, her time as a children’s services manager, and her role as a Member of Parliament.

As a social worker, she worked with families and children who were facing a range of health challenges, including mental health problems, physical disabilities, and chronic illnesses.

Gill interacting with kids in Africa as part of World Vision International

As a children’s services manager, she was responsible for ensuring that all children in Birmingham had access to the health care they needed.

She is also a member of the Health Select Committee, which scrutinizes the work of the Department of Health and Social Care.

Gill is a passionate advocate for improving health care in the UK. She believes that everyone should have access to high-quality, affordable health care, regardless of their background or circumstances. She is committed to working to make this a reality.

A Voice for Housing Justice

 The MP is very vocal about the enormous increase in rents across the United Kingdom, as a result, many people were forced to live on the streets. She recently met her constituents struggling with rising rents and shared her party’s plan to tackle the housing crisis.

“We have seen mortgage rates increase 21 times since 2021, so landlords have got this very difficult position where they either have to sell their properties or they have to increase the rent. That means constituents like mine are having to face increased rents for something that is not fault of their own,” said Gill during an interview with a local channel on Tuesday.

Whether it is any health crisis or housing difficulties, Gill continues to help her constituents. People look upon her as a person who has the solution to their problems.

Gill’s efforts to help those affected by the ongoing housing crisis and her fearless advocacy for those grappling with soaring rents truly underscore her deep commitment to serving the people.

Preet Kaur Gill’s inspiring yet remarkable journey from student president to Member of Parliament serves as a powerful testament to leadership, compassion, and determination to bring a positive change in the lives of her constituents and far beyond.

Friedrich Claassens

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