72 Mauritius Prison Service officers promoted to rank of Lead Prison Officers

Mauritius: A total of 72 officers of the Mauritius Prison Service (MPS), having completed 15 years of service, were promoted to the rank of Lead Prison Officer today during a ceremony held at the Prison Training School in Beau Bassin.

The Permanent Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office, Mrs Bilkiss Rajahbalee-Cader, and the Acting Commissioner of Prisons, Mr Jaganaden Rungadoo, were present at the ceremony.

On this occasion, 43 Prison Officers and Support Prison Officers were conferred honorary awards for excelling in activities related to rehabilitation, security, vocational, healthcare and welfare, in addition to their duties.

In her address, Mrs Rajahbalee-Cader pointed out that the Pay Research Bureau Report 2021 had made recommendations for Prison Officer/Senior Prison Officers to be known as Lead Prison Officers on completing 15 years of service, subject to being favourably reported on their performance, conduct and attendance.



Lead Prison Officers, she said, will have the authority to control Prison Officers/Senior Prison Officers; assist Principal Prison Officers; and oversee a ward or unit on the night shift, among others.

She congratulated all Lead Prison Officers and urged them to discharge their duties with utmost diligence and effectiveness so that they become exemplary to other prison staff.

As regards Officers receiving the honorary award, she commended them for having shown their enthusiasm and dedication in extra-curricular activities over and above their duties and tasks.

Mrs Rajahbalee-Cader also spoke of the unflinching support and dedication of the families of Prison Officers as the latter are called up to deliver efficiently in their tasks despite being in a difficult and stressful environment.

She lauded the MPS for its various projects and initiatives for the welfare of prisoners and prison staff, adding that the department has become a learning hub. The MPS is founded on the belief that each person has the ability to change, she said, while urging the staff to set the right examples and have a positive influence on detainees.

As for Mr Rungadoo, he indicated that the ceremony was an opportunity to recognise and valorise the skills and competencies of Prison Officers. According to him, the staff should be exemplary in their roles and should be able to assume higher responsibilities. He expressed pride as regards the achievements of the staff and the department.

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