Rwanda releases UPDF soldier of Special Forces Command two months after his arrest

Rwandan government on January 22 released an Uganda People's Defence Forces (UPDF) soldier attached to the elite Special Forces Command… Read More

3 hours ago

Tigray: Ethiopian army trying to eliminate security forces, says military officials

A year behind the outbreak of the war in Tigray, Ethiopia, the United Nations Security Council has not acted till… Read More

4 hours ago

Public harassment blows wave of solidarity among women in Egypt

Persecution, prosecution, and public shaming have blown a new wave of solidarity among women in Egypt. Each morning, one of… Read More

2 days ago

Nigerian extremists kills two and abducts 20 children, says residents

Nigeria: Extremist puts two people on the bounds of death and kidnapped 20 children in Nigeria's Borno state. The Islamist… Read More

2 days ago

Uganda bans women from sitting at front seat of truck cabins to avoid accidents

Uganda government banned women's to come and sitting in the front seat of trucks cabins because it causes accidents, according… Read More

3 days ago

US senior delegates visits Sudan to settle the issues of post-coup crisis

US senior delegates in Sudan tried to resolve the issues of the post-coup crisis. from October 25, the military takeover… Read More

3 days ago

South Sudan: 57 houses depolarizes, 28 Christians murdered in Jihadist attack

At around eleven years, South Sudan is the youngest country globally. However, the Christian-majority nation gained independence from Muslim-majority Sudan… Read More

5 days ago

Sudanese military arrests journalist over coverage of military-coup protest

Sudanese military arrested the journalists over charges of covering protests. However, the locals of Sudanese are demanding the immediate release… Read More

5 days ago

Sudan withdraws Al Jazeera license to operate news channel in country

Sudan authorities have withdrawn the license of Al Jazeera news channel. The decision was taken because the channel was violating… Read More

6 days ago