First National Bank Botswana foundation injects P2 million to golden grand prix

Botswana: Botswana Golden Grand Prix will be held on the 29th of April 2023 at the National stadium as one of the only two World Athletics Continental Tour Gold events approved to be hosted entire Africa. The event will feature all-time athletic heroes Grenada’s renowned athlete Kirani James, Jamaica’s sharp athlete Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce popularly called Mummy Rocket and Kenya s great all-time athlete Ferdinand Omanyala.

MYSC Permanent Secretary Mr Kagiso Kitso Kemoeng stated that Mysc has been supporting the event from its infancy and reaffirmed the government’s commitment to supporting the Botswana Golden grand prix. Kemoeng mentioned that the event being an international sporting event of great magnitude, is guaranteed to economically empower and inspire local athletes, officials and the public.

Kemoeng extended gratitude to the event title sponsor, First National Bank Botswana foundation. Mr Kemoeng stated that extending financial help to the sporting fraternity helps in the economic diversification of financially secured sportsmen, who in turn invest in different aspects of business, further enriching them and the community away from the track.

He stressed the potential of Athletics as a catalyst for the economic development of the country and that it should not be undermined.

Botswana Golden Grand Prix founder and the national athletic hero Mr Glody Dube pointed out that they are bringing Europe to Botswana “as things that we used to see there have now come home.”

Chairperson of the local organizing committee, Mr Geoffrey Gare, reassured of the government’s commitment. Unveiling the title sponsor, FNBB Foundation Chairperson Ms Myra Sekgororwane explained that their mandate is in alignment with fulfilling the corporate social investment in sports development and commercialization.

Ms Sekgororwane said that it goes without saying that athletics has put the Nation on the map. It has broadened the Nation’s international recognition and helped the sports body earn a living.

She disclosed that when it was announced that the initiative had reached Golden status, they were impressed and thrilled and wanted to show their support hence an honour to announce that the FNBB sponsorship was valued at P2 million.

The event will conclude with a music festival featuring artists from Botswana, Namibia, Angola and Zambia. In total, 28 Botswana will be competing at the grand; the event will broadcast in more than 150 countries live, with Supersport being the international broadcaster.

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