MEC for Education, Mr Bonakele Majuba, at Prayer Session at Mzimhlophe Secondary School

South Africa: The 2022 academic year is about to bear the fruits that will attest to all the hard work, the stresses and the strains that always accompany the work of teaching and learning.

This is the time when as the Department of Education, we know that a higher power is needed, for, on our own, we can try and do our best, but God will always perfect our trying and doing, said MEC Majuba.

Furthermore, he added, “Our learners need strength and power. They need the renewal of the very strengths they had at the beginning of the year.”

Like others before them, the Class of 2022 must help the Mpumalanga Department of Education soar with wings like eagles, they must complete this race without getting weary or fainting, and they must leave a mark as they exit the secondary school class shining bright for the whole world to see.



At the beginning of the year, parents sent their kids to schools, motivated by the fact that billionaires like Patrice Motsepe, Saki Macozoma and our very own Robert Gumede were sharpened there.

You sent them knowing that they would get the education that turned Nelson Mandela and George Bizos into astute lawyers.

We are therefore certain that someday they would amount to something bigger than Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, known later as Meta or Mark Shuttleworth, the moon rider and our very own founder of Galitos restaurants, Louis Germishuis, who hails right here in the land of the Rising Sun, said MEC Majuba

The Department has invested unashamedly in education because it believes that it is the key to success.

Department also assures society that as parents and as the churches, people did well by entrusting us, as the Mpumalanga Department of Education, with their child’s education.

As you pray for the best education outcome, we are very sure that these prayers are accompanying the good work done by our teachers throughout the year, for we know that faith without works is dead, said MEC Majuba. 

The state of Rediness:

Programme Director, all due processes have already been put in place to ensure that the 2022 Examination progress in keeping with the provided rules and regulations.

This intends to ensure that the integrity and credibility of the Examination are upheld by everyone at all times.

The Department has since the year 2010 been able to manage an incident-free examination process, and the desire is that the same success must be achieved this year as well.



The 2022 Grade 12 Examination will be the biggest in the history of writing such an examination process, and for this reason, they will need to be extra vigilant and more meticulous in all material aspects of managing these examinations.

In total, 71,582 full-time candidates have registered to write the 2022 National Senior Certificate Examination.

It is the first time that the Province has registered such a high number, and on this, MEC Majuba said that he is extremely encouraged and happy about it because it confirms that the majority of learners that enters the education system in grade R, do make it to Grade 12.

  • Bohlabela District has registered 16,812 learners;
  • Ehlanzeni District has registered 19,722 learners;
  • Gert Sibande District has registered 16,403 learners
  • Nkangala District has registered 18 645 learners.

All these candidates will write in 566 schools, which for the purposes of the examinations, are now called examination centres. 39 of these examination centres are independent schools.

The Department has granted approval to 24 Schools with limited space to use alternative venues like churches and community halls to write the examinations.

MEC Majuba also expresses his utmost gratitude to all pastors who have availed their places of worship so that learners can sit for their examinations.

The Examinations will commence in full scale on the 31st of October and will proceed until the 7th of December 2022.

The marking of scripts will start on the 9th to the 22nd of December 2022 in 19 Marking Centres spread throughout the Province.

The Department will announce the Grade 12 Examination Results on Friday, the 20th of January 2023, at the University of Mpumalanga.

In the end, Mec Majuba concluded by saying, “Education is a societal matter” and by society, we include the church. Let us continue to work together so that we can better our communities.

We may have advanced in many ways, but we still need to hear the voice that speaks against moral decay, we still need to hear the voice that promotes positive value systems in our communities, and this is a voice that comes from the church.

Amelia Jones

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