MP Kerry McCarthy extends support to floods hit Libya

London, the United Kingdom: Member of Parliament for Bristol East and Shadow Minister for Climate Change of the Government of the United Kingdom – Kerry McCarthy, recently showed her support towards Libya, which is destroyed because of continuous flooding.

The concern regarding the same was raised during the Chamber by MP McCarthy, according to the latest social media post shared by her on official social media.

“I spoke in the Chamber yesterday about the devastation we’ve seen in Libya this week as flooding has left thousands dead and many more displaced and without basic amenities,” she wrote on her social media.

She additionally mentioned that she asked the Minister whether the UK, in addition to supporting humanitarian efforts, would be offering the construction expertise in the process to rebuild Libyan towns and cities.

Furthermore, MP Kerry McCarthy raised concern over the climate crisis – a global issue. She also assured the general public that she would never stop raising support towards the climate-hit nation.

“This is yet another harrowing example of the climate crisis we’re facing, with 260 times Libya’s monthly average rainfall in 24 hours. I’ll continue doing everything in my role as Shadow Climate Change Minister,” she outlined through social media.

Libya Floods:

Libya experienced Africa’s deadliest storm in history on Sunday and Monday. As per the reports, the climate crisis has caused the death of thousands of residents, leaving many without shelter and food. The floods have created havoc in the nation because of the landfall of Storm Daniel.

Reportedly, the death toll reached up to 5,300 as of Wednesday morning, surpassing the death toll in Algeria (3,000), which was the deadliest storm in Africa since 1900. According to major meteorological departments, Storm Daniel has been regarded as the deadliest storm in the world since 2013. In the year, Super Typhoon Haiyan killed 7,354 people in the Philippines.

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