20 mysterious dead bodies recovered from Kenyan river in past weeks

In the recent weeks, at least 20 dead bodies have been recovered from the Kenyan river in western Kenya. According to the member of Human Rights Group, Haki Africa that, “all the bodies were mostly recovered from the River Yala, which flows towards Lake Victoria and bodies were found in bags, with some tied up and other symptoms showing that the victims had gone through a lot before going to disposed of being dumped in the river.”

According to Haki Africa’s Executive Director Hussein Khalid that, “it seems like all the bodies were dumped by the one man and that is the shocking thing so far, and the who did this is still unknown.”


Hussein Khalid added that, “the local morgue received the unidentified bodies and buried the nine bodies in a mass grave to make space for the other bodies.”

According to some locals, “they saw some unidentified people dumping the bodies in the river.”

Mr Khalid and another activist travelled to the scene and saw two more bodies floating on the river.

Activist of Kenya “Boniface Mwangi” posted that he and the head of local human rights organisation Haki Africa had counted more than 20 bodies at Yala hospital mortuary.

However, the information has come as a shockwave to Kenyans, with many raging out their anger on social media, arousing questions about their safety in the area.

Locals argue that more than 20 dead bodies have been deposited at the mortuary, adding that 31 bodies have been recovered from the river since July the previous year.


As per the activist, “We did not believe him but agreed to follow him to the river. In minutes, he had spotted and shown us two bodies, and that scene was sickening.”

Locals also notice that these all bodies come from different areas and other vehicles and are then dumped in the river.

Kenyans are demanding investigations to know the identities of the dead bodies and to know who is behind the killings.

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