Broken: A Poetry by Kevin Isaac

He holds his fears close to his chest like treasures, almost. And prays. He believes if he pretends long enough, time will eventually devour them.

Conversation: A poetry by Kevin Isaac

Love can sometimes die a slow death when conversations cease. But love is not impetuous. Like Hansel and Gretel, it leaves subtle clues hidden in plain sight.

Dream Dreams – A poetry by Kevin Isaac

Dream big. Dreams are silent windows to your soul. They reveal subtle, unconscious thoughts. They can fuel ambitions or power your heart.

Dying embers: A poetry by Kevin Isaac

Oh silence! Hello, my dear old friend! It has been too long. You and I, alone and apart, together; scuffling over permanent obscure questions

Wisdom of Fools: A Poetry by Kevin Isaac

Mishandled promises. Precious moments unused, squandered. Broken homes, brimming with emaciated dreams, While time grows prosperous and fat on the bones of shattered faith.