Triggerfish shines in Annie Awards marks triumph for South African animation

The receiving of the honour at the Annie Awards marks a significant triumph for African animation in the highly competitive motion picture industry and especially the South Africa.

Rachel Ruto vows to plant 500 Million Trees in Kenya

The First Lady of Kenya Rachel Ruto has pledged her support to Kenya’s Tree growing campaign by planting 500 Million Trees.

RUSA seeks public assistance to find stolen vehicles

RUSA has been seeking public assistance to locate two motor vehicles in Clover Lane, Mountview and Victoria Embarkment in Durban.

Vehicle hijackers caught while crossing Zimbabwe border

A senior police officer said that a Ford Ranger Raptor valued R1.5 million was recovered and was enroute to Beitbridge Port of Entry and was intended to be smuggled to Zimbabwe .


Wisdom of Fools: A Poetry by Kevin Isaac

Mishandled promises. Precious moments unused, squandered. Broken homes, brimming with emaciated dreams, While time grows prosperous and fat on the bones of shattered faith.

Dawn of love: A Poetry by Kevin Isaac

With fondness, my eyes remember... as if it were yesterday... waking at the crack of dawn, walking in the dew with my thoughts, slowly inhaling the aroma of wildflowers, and sipping on the scents of crisp morning air. I can still feel the warm, relaxing breeze like a smile, hastening to embrace me with hugs. It was love... my first true love.

Closing doors: A Poetry by Kevin Isaac

Time flies... but not everything changes automatically. Some things saunter, some slip away, widowed by closing doors. Others resist change by extending promising options. Some grasp at straws,

Bits of us: A Poetry by Kevin Isaac

As Auld Lang Syne faded into silence, and the fireworks dimmed, spontaneous cheers quietly turned to memories and a new dawn bid farewell to the old.

Home for the Holidays: A Poetry by Kevin Isaac

I keep wanting to reacquaint my senses with the comfortable sights, sounds, and flavours of Christmas; to feel the scintillating scents brush against my skin and to hear the crackling melodies of carols fill the air.