Africa: Family is in deep shock after a 63-year-old man shoots himself

Africa: One family in Africa is in deep shock after a 63-year-old man shoots himself dead in his estranged wife’s house after they failed to reconcile.

Iyaz Mukhi was a businessman by profession. He used his Glock pistol to shoot himself after failing to negotiate with his wife at her apartment along Muthangari Road, Nairobi.

He wanted her to return to their marital home.

Mukhi separated from his wife and mother of two in September 2021 over domestic matters.

This forced his wife to leave the man’s house and stay in a separated apartment in the same location, said neighbours.

The family told police there have since been efforts to address the issues behind the separation and find a truce in vain.

As per the family interview, on Tuesday at about 9 pm, Mukhi went to the woman’s apartment with his pistol.

Police said initial findings had shown he is a licensed gun holder.

However, in the woman’s apartment, he apologized to the woman and asked her to come back to their marital house in a brief conversation.

But, after getting the negative response from the woman, he apparently reached for his pistol and shot himself in the chest as those present scampered for safety.

Police immediately reached the location and recovered the pistol and a spent cartridge. The gun had 12 bullets.

Police are still investigating the matter and would record statements from various parties, including witnesses.

The body was moved to the mortuary, where a postmortem exercise was planned on Wednesday.

However, family members refused to comment on anything, saying that the matter was under investigation.

Moreover, the incidents of suicide are increasing day by day, with police recording at least two every day.

Police handled 499 cases in 2019 and 575 in 2020.

At least 313 people have taken their lives between January and July 2021. Police are yet to release figures for this year.