Astra Veda Ord Shs (OTCMKTS: ASTA) Addressed Investors Regarding PUMP and DUMP Schemes

Astra Veda Ord Shs (OTCMKTS: ASTA), a disruptive and innovative technology company, updates the OTC investor community and shareholders about the recent interest in their stock for the past months. Mike Davis, Chairman, and CEO of Asta Veda, said with gratitude, they recognize investors’ creative and energetic social media posts and the support as well as due diligence. He also adds that Investors’ faith and encouragement in their team are an honor and well appreciated. Also, they enjoyed reading comments and answered unpleasant rumors.

Astra Veda Corporation’s Vision with their Investors

Mick Davis also stated that they want to share the messages again for the new people to their story. The company will not use, pay, or endorse compensated IR campaigns since their leadership changed in April 2019. The former Chief Executive Officer may be involved in that behavior, but they endeavor to straightforward and honest. Astra tries to be transparent with their investors with the good and evil; this transformation and the ethos of don’t cheat, don’t lie, and don’t steal is a foundation for a good relationship with their investors.

Astra also believes terrible news is more significant than good news. Therefore, they are releasing their shareholder disclosure as it is reviewed and curated for correctness and accuracy. In addition to that, Davis said they are excited about their future and are in a race. Finally, they stated that some of the trading platforms imposed restrictions for buying is unfortunate, and they are plans to create value and anticipating becoming compliant and current.

Astra Officially Got Approved for OTCIQ Application

On August 12, Astra announced that the OTC Markets officially approved its OTCIQ application. Mick Davis thanked their entire team for their efforts, friends, family, and support from a key investor. He also beamed with pride stated as together they transformed the company from its shady past to its straightforward and bright way ahead. Furthermore, the company accomplished its foundational objective in making a rock-solid GAAP accounting from the past and also created extensive financial procedures and processes preparing for its initial audit in 2022.