Bishop Wakula urges journalists spare time for your families

The Bishop of Central Busoga, Patrick Wakula, has urged journalists to remember their responsibilities to their families when travelling vast distances for business.

During Easter prayers at All Saints Church in CMS Village, Bulamagi sub-county, Bishop Wakula passed on the message.

He urged the journalists always to have time to handle their families’ issues instead of always concentrating on their work alone and ensuring that they bring up responsible and God-fearing the country. 

Furthermore, Bishop Wakula stated, “We appreciate the work you do for the community and for us, but in this responsibility, do not forget about your family responsibility; if you do not do so, then it will make a bad impact on your children maybe they are also becoming irresponsible people in future.”

He also reminded journalists that attending church services is the beginning of wisdom since communication with God is the beginning of wisdom.

Furthermore, he appealed to the Christians that their community needed to utilize repent of their sins in the current Easter season besides creating unity with their families instead of engaging in bad habits like drunkness or fornication. 

Wakula advised Christians to make use of government programmes such as Operation Wealth Creation and the Parish Development Model to improve their household earnings.

About Wakula: 

Patrick Wakula is an Anglican bishop in Uganda. Since 2016, he has served as Bishop of Central Busoga.

Wakula received his education at Makerere University in Uganda. In 1995, he was ordained as a deacon, and in 1997, he was ordained as a priest. He was stationed in the Kamuli District. He went on to become Archdeacon of Kaliro and subsequently Jinja. On November 13, 2016, Wakula was consecrated and enthroned as Bishop at All Saints’ Pro-Cathedral in Iganga.