Cape Town, place to explore artist in you; Happy World Art Day

The World Art Day was declared by the International Association of Art (IAA) and celebrates fine arts internationally. IAA launched this in order to promote and make people aware of creative activities worldwide.

Cameroon’s Bamoun Museum described as architectural jewel of Africa

The architectural structure of the museum draws the inspiration from the kingdom’s traditional emblem, the double headed snake, two bells and a spider.

Ja Rule collabs with Pencil of Promise to build school in hometown, Ghana

The artist believes that the education holds significant importance and demonstrates his personal pursuit of knowledge as he completes the online certification program for Entrepreneurship Essentials from Harvard Business School.

KZN Department of Education meets schools with low results

The top-level management of the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education met several school authorities from underperforming schools

ZIFA continues to train players under FIFA Referees Course in Harare

ZIFA, the match officials will be diving into theory and practical and will ensure that they are primed for the fast-changing world of football.
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