Onengiyeofori George receives agriculture development blueprint

The ASALGA Agricultural Development Advisory Committee has submitted their report of agriculture sector developments in the local government.

Triggerfish shines in Annie Awards marks triumph for South African animation

The receiving of the honour at the Annie Awards marks a significant triumph for African animation in the highly competitive motion picture industry and especially the South Africa.

Rachel Ruto vows to plant 500 Million Trees in Kenya

The First Lady of Kenya Rachel Ruto has pledged her support to Kenya’s Tree growing campaign by planting 500 Million Trees.

RUSA seeks public assistance to find stolen vehicles

RUSA has been seeking public assistance to locate two motor vehicles in Clover Lane, Mountview and Victoria Embarkment in Durban.


Mauritius: Met services issue cyclone warning for Tropical Storm Eleanor

The Meteorological services of Mauritius have issued a cyclone warning class II in the country for Tropical Storm Eleanor.

Mauritius: TS Djoungou moving away, hot, humid weather ahead

The Meteorological office of Mauritius has provided a thorough update about the weather conditions for Friday, including TS djoungou.

Extreme weather forecast for South Africa this week

The Africa Weather Forecast has predicted extreme weather conditions for South Africa from the coming week from February 12th to February 18th . 

South Africa to experience warm weather, isolated rains on Friday

Africa Weather Forecast launched weather prediction report for Friday in South Africa. The weather will be warm in the first half of the day

South Africa to brace severe weather ahead

The Africa Weather Forecast has predicted extreme weather conditions for South Africa from the coming week from February 05th to February 11th.