Deputy Minister met with SADOCC to discuss peace & disarmament

South Africa: On June 22, Deputy Minister Alvin Botes held a meeting with Dr Walter Sauer from the Southern African Documentation and Cooperation Centre (SADOCC) in Vienna, Austria, where amongst other issues, they discussed advancing peace and disarmament.

Dr Walter Sauer is the last Chairman of the former Austrian Anti-Apartheid Movement and retired Professor at the Institute for Economic and Social History at the University of Vienna.



Dr Sauer has been the President of the Southern Africa Documentation and Cooperation Centre (SADOCC) since its establishment in 1992.

SADOCC, the anti-apartheid movement in Austria, mobilised and influenced civil society and the Austrian government as part of the international campaign against apartheid and supported the process of democracy, nation-building and restorative justice in South Africa after the 1994 elections.

The Centre continues to play an important role in engaging the Austrian government and parliamentary processes on decision and policymaking in Austria on the African continent.

SADOCC collaborates annually with the South African Embassy in Vienna, Austria, on commemoration events on International Nelson Mandela Day.

In March 2022, the Centre hosted the Desmond Tutu Commemoration together with the Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation.