Dominica: PM Skerrit calls for unique nationalistic approach to shape Electoral Reforms for future

The prime minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, on Wednesday, released the report on the electoral reforms. The release of the report came along with the distribution of the copies of report among the ministers, parliamentarians and the general public.

Prime Minister Skerrit distributed copies of the report to the public, during the event hosted at the State House Conference Center.


Considerably, while releasing the report and making it public, PM Skerrit has invited everyone to share their read, analyze and share their views as per their analysis of the document.

Notably, during the address to the media, PM Skerrit said that “A report has been commissioned as well as shared, you all must read and analyse the document and then come back at the decided time to comment on it when opportunity is provided.”

Dominica: PM Skerrit calls for unique nationalistic approach to shape Electoral Reforms for future

He further added that, “The Commission has considered all the factors and have made the recommendations which I hope shall all review thoroughly.”

“No system is perfect, however, we are expecting due considerations will be given to the recommendations made and that we will assess for ensuring that the recommendations are implemented before general elections,” says PM Skerrit.

At the same time, PM Skerrit said that, “Concluded by enacted in the law before the end of this calendar year – I call all of you to take active and sincere part in this process.”

It is to be specifically mentioned that the electoral reforms will significantly help in improving electoral process of election in Dominica.


Moreover, the government of Dominica hss also shared the gesture of commitment to conduct thorough review of electoral system.

Meanwhile, Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Levi Peter said that, “We are hosting this ceremony to handover copies of document containing 2 major aspects.”

Dominica: PM Skerrit calls for unique nationalistic approach to shape Electoral Reforms for future

Attorney General Levi Peter highlighted report as the following:

  • To effectively review the existing legislation and reports from thee various past consultants, chief election officials and experts
  • Review an advise on the provision of voter eligibility including the use of voter ID Card.
  • To advise on the best practices for maintaining the updated electoral register that will not result in repudiation of the right to vote and on disenfranchisement of the legitimate qualified voters.
  • Present a registration of electoral bills and a registration of electors.

The final report was received by the Government of Dominica on Monday and it consists of four different chapters including the following:

  • The Draft House of Assembly (Elections) Bill 2023
  • The Drat House of Assembly (Electors) Regulations 2023
  • The Draft House of Assembly Election Petition Rules 2023
  • The Draft Electoral Commission Bill 2023
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