Ethiopia records 99 new COVID-19 cases

As per the latest data of Ethiopia, Over 99 new cases of COVID-19 have recorded within a day on February 13, Sunday. This data was updated by the Ministry of Health, which confirmed that 99 new coronavirus cases had been confirmed across Ethiopia over the past 24 hours.

As per the sources, 3,673 people tested themselves for COVID-19 within a single day of February 13, 2022, and newly confirmed cases are 99, which confirmed the total number of cases in Ethiopia is 467,498 51,122 cases are active. The patients who are under the Intensive care unit are 157. Total recovered patients from coronavirus in February are 42, and overall recovery is 408,950 with the three new deaths.


The total number of reported deaths so far is 7,424, and the total number of people tested so far is 4,429,282, and some people are fully vaccinated are nearly 9,272,215. Two Caronavirus patients were Japanese nationals and have returned to their country in March 2020.

On February 12, Saturday, 5,506 cases were tested positive, and there were 111 newly confirmed cases. There were a total of 467,399 confirmed cases, of which 51,068 were active.

And Patients who are in the Intensive Care Unit are nearly 165, and the recovery from this COVID-19 cases are 173, total registered recovery cases are 408,908 and deaths from this are 4. The total number of reported death so far is 7,421, the total number of people tested so far are 4,372,609 and vaccinated cases are 9,372,215.

The virus can spread from an infected person’s mouth or nose in small liquid particles when they cough, sneeze, speak, sing or breathe. These particles range from larger respiratory droplets to smaller aerosols.

You can be contaminated by breathing in the virus if you are near someone who has COVID-19 or by touching a contaminated surface and then your eyes, nose or mouth. The virus spreads more easily indoors and in crowded settings.

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