French President calls upon a meeting to strategise a plan to curb COVID-19

French President Emmanuel Macron will call a COVID-19 meeting on December 27th as France grapples with many new infections. According to the presidential palace, the conference, which begins at 3 pm, will be followed immediately by a cabinet meeting.

France had its worst-ever day on December 23rd, with more than 91,000 cases recorded. The number of deaths also climbed as the country battled against the fifth spiral of COVID-19.


On Thursday, the UK Office for National Statistics released updated figures showing that one in every 20 London citizens had COVID-19 last week. That number could have climbed to one in every ten by the start of this week, highlighting the Omicron variant’s unrelenting progress.

Impact on Industry:

The figures came after new coronavirus cases recorded by Britain as the Omicron variant dominated the country, with a daily tally of 119,789 up from 106,122 the day before.

According to the research, about one in 35 persons in England – or 1.54 million people – were infected with COVID-19 in the six days leading up to December 19th.

Early forecasting of the following days indicated that it could have climbed to more than 2 million people on Sunday, or around one in 25.

It further states that the majority raised in all parts of the UK, with Scotland leading the descending infections rate at one in 65 people.


Many industries and transport networks face issues due to a lack of staff as workers are sick and some are in self-isolation, while hospitals in Britain have warned of the risk of impacting patient safety.

According to the data released by Government agencies, Omicron’s cases have increased in Britain in the past seven days, with the total rising by 678,165,