Health facility to be constructed in Chief Chinyama Chiefdom

Zambia: North Western Province Health Director Luckson Chidikita disclosed that Government has announced that they will construct a new facility in Zambezi. The new facility will be constructed in the chiefdom of Chief Chinyama in Zambezi West Bank.

The North Western Province Health Director made these remarks during his visit to the house of the chief. The construction of the new healthcare facility will serve to bring the healthcare opportunities closer to the people.


The government is dedicated to ensuring that the people of Zambia can get access to the best in line medical healthcare facilities. Many communities within the country have faced the issue of having to travel long distances to access medical facilities.

The government is constructing a health facility and maternity wing in the Chief Chinyama’s Chiefdom. The members of the community believe that the development will help the community get access to better medical and health standards.

Dr Luckson Chidikita believes that the new medical facility and maternity ward will significantly improve health care and maternal health services. Accordingly, they will help in reducing maternal mortalities in the community.

Dr Chidikita noted that Government attaches great importance to improving health infrastructure in all health facilities. They want to ensure patients are provided with a clean and conducive environment for recovery.

Meanwhile, Chief Chinyama commended the Government for prioritizing health care services for the  people. It is especially important to have government focus in some of the the hard-to-reach areas like his chiefdom.

The traditional leader said the development will significantly enhance the provision of quality health care services in his chiefdom. Chief Chinyama called on the Government to strengthen human resource capacity at Chinyama Litapi Rural Health Centre.


He also asked the administration to provide an ambulance to ease transportation of referred patients.

The members of the community have shared that they are delighted with the government taking the initiative to meet their needs. The people of the country have shared their experiences and challenges that the people were facing to access health facilities.

They had to travel long distances to get to the nearest health post or hospital in the district.