Iganga Reports more cases of crime due to its lack of street lights

The business community in Iganga Municipality has criticized the absence of street lighting, due to which crimes are increasing day by day.

According to ‘Alex Ssenbulya’, a rider of Boda in town who organized a concert in town recently, robbers took advantage of this opportunity to rob or loot people and rape girls.


“The absence of street lights is putting our lives and motorcycles at risk. The town is now a safe haven for criminals,” said Ssenabulya.

According to ‘Kenneth Waiswa’ the Silver Ward A village Chairperson, the thugs and looters often steal security lights installed on various houses in order to ensure that their area of operation remains dark when they are on “duty”.

He further stated that we hear women screaming and making an alarm that they are being attacked every night.

During an interview, ‘Edward Lwanga‘ the Iganga Municipal town clerk, attributed the darkness to low funds from the central government.

Lwanga stated that “It is true we that we are troubled with the security issue, but we also ask the government to increase the funds so that we can work on this issue and resolve this.

According to Diana Nandawula, the Busoga East Police Spokesperson, there are so many cases his office reported, and investigations are increasing because of the crimes in the town.


Last June, the police analyzed data on street crimes in the city and found that most carjacking, snatching, and robbery cases took place between 6 pm and 11 pm. They had highlighted the lack of streetlights as one of the primary reasons for such incidents.