long-halt due to lockdown forces schools in Uganda into crisis: Report

As with the outbreak in COVID-19 cases globally, everything went to a halt. Schools and educational institutes were among the most affected segments of regular life, affecting studies of children.

Due to COVID-19, everything was closed, and in South Africa, schools are the ones that suffered a lot and faced the crisis.


School closure changed a lot in Kampala. The compound where pupils played during break time is now a parking area for trucks transporting goods to the nearby market.

However, the classrooms have been changed into the travellers’ lodge. Terms begin in Uganda — while the world’s most prolonged lockdown has left school in crisis.

Uganda authorities ordered to reopen school from 10 January on Monday. After almost two years of lockdown and closure of schools globally, not all welcomed pupils back.

Moreover, Godwins, in Kalerwe in Kawempe division, is one of many schools that will never open again. It has existed in the market for the past 20 years.

They added, “Lockdown created two worlds- one that lost our two years of children schooling and second the “first world” that managed the crisis.

Man “Harriet Namubiru“, a charcoal vendor by profession whose two grandchildren, aged eight to 10, attended the school, says its closure is a “tragedy that has happened to us.”


The school’s management called a meeting in which they mentioned it’s hard for us to get back to school. We shouldn’t open, she says. Furthermore, she said it’s like a bolt of lightning or something that hit us.

Some parents who attended the meeting fainted, and some fell sick.

Some school buildings in Kampala were sold, while others have been destroyed to make way for real estate development.

According to the authorities of Kampala that more than 40 schools have been suffered and closed in the city for good. However, the media of Kampala is awash with reports that turned schools into bars, restaurants or travellers accommodation.

However, there are no authorised figurines on the numeral of schools that have failed to reopen countrywide.

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