Mayor Kaunda of eThekwini issues a holiday warning

The circumstances surrounding the drownings are still being investigated, according to eThekwini, but all three were discovered outside of designated bathing hours and at non-bathing beaches.

“When it comes to drinking and driving and public drinking, law enforcement is taking a zero-tolerance stance. In beach areas, vehicles will be searched for alcohol.”
Mxolisi Kaunda is the mayor of Mxolisi.


Law enforcement, together with numerous municipal departments, are out in force, according to Kaunda, to safeguard the public’s safety during this time.

“On the beach and in other places, we ask to the people and our guests to cooperate with the police, municipal employees, and lifeguards to ensure their safety,” he stated.

The public is also advised to swim only at approved bathing beaches, which are patrolled by lifeguards.

“This ensures that emergency assistance is promptly available in the event of any incident,” Kaunda explained.

Swimming while under the influence of alcohol is completely illegal, he stated.

Parents who plan to take their children to the city’s beaches should make sure they are wearing wristbands with their contact information. This allows them to be reunited quickly if they become separated.


109 children have gone missing and have been found. 109 children were separated from their families during the weekend, but they were all reunited afterwards.

At many beaches, there are childminders and beach pals as well as tents for separated youngsters. Addington Beach, South Beach, Wedge Beach, the lawns between the North and Bay beaches, Battery Beach, and Laguna Beach are where they are based. A comparable service is available at the drive-in location, which also houses the park and ride service. Toti Beach also has childminding services.

eThekwini, according to Kaunda, has a traffic management plan in place to ensure a smooth flow of traffic and efficient access control over the Christmas season, particularly in congested locations.

“When it comes to drinking and driving and public drinking, law enforcement is taking a zero-tolerance stance. In coastal areas, vehicles will be inspected for alcohol,” he stated.

The curfew will be severely enforced by law enforcement, and no one will be able to sleep overnight in public areas, buses, taxis, or cars.

“Our safety measures are in place to ensure that everyone enjoys the festive season while remaining safe; they are not meant to damper the joyful spirit,” Kaunda added. “We ask to the people to cooperate with all our law enforcement agencies and other workers.”

On 031 361 0000, you can report any incidents, complaints, or other matters that require immediate attention.

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