Mubaje calls for protection of Islam

One of the Mufti of Uganda, Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, has called upon Muslims in Africa to uphold the good image of Islam. 

He made this request to the audience in Tanzania, where he had been invited as one of the special guests at the African Continental Glorious Quran Competition carried at the Benjamin Mkapa International stadium. 

Moreover, this competition was organised by Al Hikma Foundation, headed by renowned Tanzanian priest Sheikh Nurdeen Muhammad Kishiki. 

As per his brief interview with the media after his arrival, Mubaje described this event as a “spectacular” event organised in the region to uphold the high position of the Holy Quran

More than Shs 500,000 people attended the event, and all belonged to different areas, some from within the region and some were from outside the territory of Tanzania attend. 

Moreover, it left a very good image of Islam all over East Africa, he said. 

The competitors were drawn from 23 African countries.

Tanzanian Vice President from the Island of Zanzibar, Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi, supervised the colourful event.

Many special guests were invited, including the Mufti of Rwanda, Burundi, and Zanzibar. Also present was Dr Sheikh Abubakar Zubeir, the Mufti of Tanzania. 

However, the all-rounder winner was from Congo Brazzaville and marched away with $ 10,000. 

He was followed by 16-year-old Ugandan Muhammad Abdallah Sengo, who received $ 5,599.39, equivalent to Shs 20 million.

Who actually is Sheikh Shaban Mubajje?

MUFTI Mubajje, the men at the centre of the fake case, came on a ticket of harmony and growth. He was well known when he was elected Mufti on December 11, 2000. Eight years later, Sheikh Shaban.

After passing eight years, Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubajje is a force to consider with.

While some Muslims call him a developmental and a unifier, others blame him for breaking their trust.

While the court yesterday cleared him of wrongdoing, critics argue that Mufti still has to win in the court of public opinion.

Mubajje, who is 53 years old, was born in Bungokho in the Mbale region. He is well-grounded in Islamic affairs, thanks to the years spent in a Madras Islamic Primary School in Natete Kayunga district and Namatembe Islamic Institute in Namutumba. Mubajje subsequently joined Bugembe Islamic Institute in Jinja, where he finished senior six in 1976 in Islamic studies. 

In 1977, he went to Riyadwhich is in Saudi Arabia, for his bachelor’s degree in Sharia (Islamic law). In 1981, he became the Imam of Madinah Mosque, Mbale and founded Mahdi Noor Islamic Institute.

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