Mubende Police officer found dead after shooting himself

Police are investigating the matter in Mubende, in which their own police companion committed suicide by shooting himself.

The deceased was recognised as an ‘Atto Agwayi James’ no. 50492 PC was attached to Mubende police station.


As per the initial research, on April 10, 2022, Atoo returned from his duty at approximately 10:00 am and went to his place of occupancy at Mubende police barracks for breakfast and personal management.

At around 10:00 pm, the voice of gunshots was heard from his residence, which attracted the attention of officers in the barracks. They immediately went into his house without wasting any time, but they found the door closed from the inside, encouraging them to break into the house.

After attaining the entry to his house, the officers found Atoo lying helpless. However, still, he was breathing, and they rushed him to Mubende referral hospital for medical attention, where the doctors declared him dead.

According to Racheal Kawala, spokesperson of the Wamala police region, a statement that team of officers led by the DRC Mubende visited, examined and documented the scene of the crime.

She furthermore stated that “The SMG rifle number Uganda police 565815228/ 34868, cartridges and shot have been recovered from the house of a deceased person. The rifle was found on his chest with the safety catch open.”

She said eight cartridge containers and six live bullets were found scattered on his mattress.


The body of the deceased has been given to the Mubende hospital mortuary, and the postmortem of the body is still pending.

In the end, she stated, “We would like to encourage all the officers that in case of concerns/ challenges, they should always come forward and speak up before it is too late. Moreover, the investigation into the matter is on its way in order to establish the probable cause of this incident.

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