Nigerian Railway Corporation has suspended train service between Abuja and Kaduna

The Nigeria railway Cooperation has suspended all the routes or operations on the Abuja-Kaduna after shooters attacked a train on Monday evening.

According to the authorities of Kaduna state that their team is liaising with the railway cooperation to account for all passengers.

An armed gang blew up the track, causing the train to derail, then surrounded it and opened fire.

There were 1000 passengers on the board who took the help of the shelter, which is located on the floor.

The attackers forced their way into the train, shot some passengers at close range, and kidnapped an unknown number of passengers.

Some of the routers which were escaped during the operation stated that they saw bodies lying on the floor after the procedure.

And the left passengers who were injured were immediately have taken to the hospitals for their medical treatment.

After so many reports came about the kidnappings on the main road, most people prefer to travel by train. However, this is the second time the railway has been attacked in the last six months.

The NRC announced in a terse statement on its Twitter page.

Two people lost their lives in the attack on the ill-fated train, while others sustained injuries during the attack.

“Even NRC wrote on Tuesday; the NRC wrote, “Dear passengers, train operations along the Abuja-Kaduna route have been temporarily suspended due to unexpected circumstances.”

As per reports, a former Deputy Governor of Zamfara State, Malam Ibrahim Wakkala, was among the Abuja-Kaduna train passengers terrorists shot on Monday evening.

Reports also stated that Wakkala was shot in the leg and is hospitalized.

Sources also confirmed that out of 15 patients brought to St. Gerald’s Catholic Hospital in Kaduna, two had been confirmed dead, including a lady medical doctor with the hospital.

“A former Deputy Governor of Zamfara Malam Ibrahim Wakkala was equally shot on the leg. Out of 15 patients brought to St. Gerald’s Catholic Hospital, two are dead, including a lady medical Doctor with St Gerald.

“Two females moved to 44 Reference Hospital because of bullet wounds; they could not be treated at St Gerald’s,” the source said.