Now Google Assistance can help you locate your iPhone!

Recently, the Google Assistant, which is enabled with the powerful speakers, came up with the new feature of tracking the missing iPhones. All the users need to do is utter, “Hey Google, find my phone”, which will send a critical  alert to your misplaced iPhone, compelling it to ring for about 25 seconds or until the notification is turned off. These critical alerts are passed by a device’s notification settings. Thus, the  iPhone will ring even if it is fixed to silent or to the Do Not Disturb mode.

How to set the Critical Alerts!

Just follow these basic steps to activate the Critical Alerts in the Google Home iOS application:

  • Go to the Google Home App and move ahead to the settings. Further, select the Notifications.
  • Now, click on “turn on all the Notifications” . (If this option does not appears, then notifications are already enabled)
  • Further, tap on the “Go to settings” to open Google Home’s notification menu within the iOS Settings app.
  • Now, users may click on the “Notifications” and enable the “Allow Notifications.”
  • The users are now required to visit back the Google Home app. Them, they must go to Settings, Notifications  and then finally should opt the General notifications.
  • Thus, they need to Turn on “Critical alerts.”
  • Finally, the critical alerts from the Google Home app can be received  now.

Voice Activation!

Now, in order to activate the Voice too, follow the given steps to configure the Google Assistant’s Voice Match:

  • The users should go to the Google Home app. Now, they must tap on their Google account profile icon.
  • Further, go to the Assistant settings. Then, select the Voice match . Finally, add up a new device.
  • Now, it is necessary to select the devices required to use the “Find my phone” feature with.
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