PM Johnson eases COVID measures as a Christmas gift

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave a wonderful gift to the general public of the United Kingdom on Christmas Eve by easing the COVID-19 measures, besides an increase in the Omicron cases.

Mr Johnson stated, “We have time to buy gifts for the nation but, still, there is one gift you can give to your family and the whole country, and that is to get your dose of the vaccine either it is your first, second, or booster shot.


PM Johnson is focusing on a campaign to get booster shots to all adults before the year ends.

He then admitted that even after two years of the pandemic emerged, the UK has recorded the highest daily COVID-19 infections on Thursday.

Last year, millions of people changed their Christmas plans, as the Prime Minister imposed stay at home order on December 19, 2020, in London and Southeast England.

He chose not to tighten standards this year, claiming in his letter that “This Christmas is, and will be, much better than the last year for millions of families across the country”.

PM Johnson further asked the general public to celebrate the eve under the protocols.

He also claimed that receiving a vaccine was in keeping with Jesus Christ’s teaching, citing, “We all should love our neighbours as much as we love ourselves .”


According to a report, PM Johnson popularity has been battered during lockdown periods. This month, his party lost a by-election in a previously safe seat.

Some members of his party have protested against the most recent Covid-19 policies, particularly the requirement to procedure a COVID-19 card to enter crowded events such as nightclubs, which they regard as infringing on personal freedoms.

However, the nightclubs will get shut in northern Ireland after boxing day as the nation records the highest number of daily coronavirus cases.

Almost 100 Conservative MPs voted against the bill, which the entire House of Commons eventually carried.

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