Sudan: Thousands of people are in bad condition over floodwater rising

In South Sudan, hundreds and thousands of people are in bad condition due to the floodwater rising in the village, and people are facing many problems here, including leaving their land.

According to one of the village residents, 21-year-old Nyabeel and her husband were tense about what to do next because they were forced to leave their homes and rely on their land for food. “We have been moving here and there for the past seven days, and It was a challenging job for us with our three children and goats.”

People have been suffering there for the past eight months since the flood began in northern South Sudan. People have to leave a sacrificed life, face poor conditions, and risk outbreaks of infectious and waterborne diseases.


Spread across several campsites, residents face food insecurity, a loss of income, and a lack of safe drinking water. Around 8,35,000 people have been affected.

A village resident, Nyabeel had relied on cultivating her land and milk from her goats for food. Further, she said, “We have a more different life than here. Now we have only one meal a day to consume.”

Kuermendoke is one of three camps with a high number of children under age five who are suffering from malnutrition.

Views of Medical Team:

According to the medical team leader for emergency flood response, “our survey of malnutritional confirmed that the extreme critical position of children in the camps.”

The impact of the flooding in camps is severe, says Dr Eshaghian.

“When you enter the campus, you will see malnourished children, and people are collecting dirty flood water to drink, and such poor conditions that can be harmful to people health.

According to the recent studies of the Food and Agricultural Organization, about 65,000 hectares of cultivated land are damaged because of a flood. At the same time, over 800,000 people died in 10 states of South Sudan.

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