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Beijing: Chinese citizens suffer amid collapsing economy

Beijing, China: The risk of social unrest has been lurking amongst Chinese nationals as the economy continues to fall. The economy of China has been suffering, with the least relaxation in sight with the rising proportion of educated unemployment in the country. Beijing’s old economy has already been saturated as the manufacturers(both Chinese and foreign) look towards offshoring the manufacturing units.

Mauritius International Financial Centre conducts second leg of business forums in India

Mauritius: The Mauritius International Financial Centre is currently pursuing its second leg of the multi-city business forums in India at Bangalore on February 9, 2023. The International Financial Centre, with its multicity business forums, envisages to bridge Asia and Africa by strengthening the partnership that exists between India and Mauritius on multilateral aspects.

India: Mig 29K jets make first-ever landing on INS Vikrant

New Delhi, India: The Indian Naval Pilots, in a recent breakthrough, made the first-ever successful landing of MiG-29K on INS Vikrant, which is a major demonstration of India's prominence in Aircraft designing, construction and operations and the enhanced Naval Combat readiness. The Indian Navy took to Twitter, where they shared the landing video of the MiG-29K on INS Vikrant.
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