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Halima Daud hails Rotary Club International for health initiatives

Deputy Minister of Health Halima Daud attended launch of Rotary Family Health days on Wednesday, hailed the organization for the initiative.

MYAA Activities launched to combat HIV/AIDS in Molepolole District

The Molepolole District Office collaborated with social clubs in the region to host a post launch of MYAA activity.

Itebe Ward fishermen contemplate moving back to fishing camps

Itebe Ward Councilor in Mazabuka, Fanwell Lwiindi has announced that the fishermen of the community are returning to the fishing camps.

New eye infection surfacing in Mpulungu district

The health department of Mpulungu district in Northern Province has reported an eye disease outbreak whose exact nature is unknown.

City facilitates First Aid Level-1 training for 420 people in ECD sector

Social Development and Early Childhood Development Department (SD and ECD) is facilitating First Aid Level-1 for 420 people who will work in the ECD sector.