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New eye infection surfacing in Mpulungu district

The health department of Mpulungu district in Northern Province has reported an eye disease outbreak whose exact nature is unknown.

Zimbabwe: Cholera outbreak in 58 districts, confirms govt

As per the latest situational reports released by the Ministry of Health and Child Care, more than 16,000 cases of Cholera in Zimbabwe were suspected and had been recorded countrywide as of last week.

Monze District Tertiary colleges not cholera ready: MoH

The Ministry of Health in Monze district have shared the update about the cholera preparedness in the region, saying colleges are not ready

Zambia: Three new cholera cases confirmed in Monze District

Monze District has recorded three confirmed cases of cholera. The new cases have increase the worry of the local healthcare authorities

Cholera Crisis Continues: Lusaka registers 73 new cases, 2 deaths

The government of Zambia has announced a further increase in their efforts to fight cholera after the capital city recorded 73 new cases