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11 year old defiled by grandfather in Chainda Compound

The police force of Lusaka has arrested a 60-year-old man from the Chainda Compound for defiling his grand daughter.

Foreigner shot dead inside his shop at John Laing Compound

Police officers proceeded further to recover the stolen Cellular phone, the suspect ran away. Prompting them to fire warning shots, later in the process he was caught by a bullet and sustained a fatal wound.

Retired army major arrested for defiling maid in Lusaka

Police in Lusaka have arrested a 67-year-old retired Zambia Army Major of Makeni Villa for defiling a minor who works for him.

Mark Calendars for Snooze and Groove March 22 in Lusaka

It will be a fun-filled event that will consider artists such as Voltz JT, Qounfuzed and Bazooker. The musical event will also include DJ CIC Nonny and Platinum Prince who are together a part of DJ Mwale.

Sheal Mulyata visits Lusaka schools, check cholera compliance

The Province Minister of Lusaka Sheal Mulyata has visited three schools in Rufunsa District on Tuesday, February 27.