There are no winners in war, but numerous lives are shattered – UN refugee chief

On Thursday, amid reports that people were fleeing en masse from Kiev as a result of Russia’s so-called “special military operation,” UN humanitarians warned of the “devastating” consequences of military action.

According to ‘Flippo Grandi‘ head of the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, nobody is a winner in this war, but definitely many lives will be torn apart.


After that, Mr Gandhi continued, stating that we must need to save the lives of civilians and infrastructure must be protected and safeguarded at all times in line with the international humanitarian law and also stating that the UN is working with Ukrainian authorities and partners to provide humanitarian assistance, wherever necessary and possible.

UNHCR has provided 141 humanitarian convoys to non-government-controlled areas of eastern Ukraine since 2015.

In 2021, 24 humanitarian convoys of 202 trucks delivered various humanitarian items to meet the high level of humanitarian needs among the civilian population there.

To emphasise the UN’s solidarity with the people of Ukraine, ‘Osnat Lubrani’, the country’s top humanitarian official, insisted that the Organization and aid partners “are committed to staying and delivering.”

“We are here to help the people who have been exhausted by years of conflict, and we are ready to respond if humanitarian needs increase.”

Nearly 7.5 million children are at risk:


As per the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), they are deeply concerned for the lives and well-being of Ukraine’s 7.5 million children.

According to ‘Catherine Russell’ chief of UNICEF, they fired heavy weapons along the contact line in the east of the country had already damaged the critical water infrastructure and education facilities in recent days.

Due to the fight between Russia and Ukraine, tens of thousands of families could be forcibly displaced, dramatically escalating humanitarian needs. Mr Russell alerted that “Children on both sides of the line of contact have suffered profound and long-term harm as a result of the conflict’s eight years.”

“The children of Ukraine desperately need peace right now.”

Meanwhile, UNICEF continues putting their best efforts to provide psychosocial care to children traumatised by chronic insecurity.

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ requested Russian President ‘Vladimir Putin’ in order to end the war, and said stop your troops from attacking Ukraine, give peace a chance.