Uganda bans women from sitting at front seat of truck cabins to avoid accidents

Uganda government banned women’s to come and sitting in the front seat of trucks cabins because it causes accidents, according to the government of Uganda.

The authorities claimed that the women were partly responsible for the accidents that occurred in Lira City.

According to the sources, the decision was made following the road accident that took nine lives in the Lira area on January 10.

As per the statement released by the authorities, “the accident happened after a Fuso Truck ferrying merchants, and their merchandise got involved in an accident at Pii-awac swamp, which is some seven kilometres east of Lira City.”

Although police said that the accident happened because of careless driving, overloading the truck and Overspeed of the vehicle, they also blamed the businesswomen.

The women are blamed for diverting truck drivers because they allegedly wear shot and display dresses and skirts.

Moreover, this is a common trend among the women in their region, portraying them as a major road hazard.

The cyber nuts had mixed reactions, some agreed with them, and some raised their voice, with some using social media to air out their voice and views.

One Twitter handler named “Edward Ssonko,” said that it was an excuse for careless truck drivers in his Twitter account.

“How many of these accidents involve women seated at the front seat and are wearing short skirts?”

Another user named Izaben asked the direct question on her Twitter account to the government; “Who has more effect between the one seated in front and one outside where the driver’s eyes are all the time? And why did they hit the particular target to trucks yet there are taxis, buses and Ubers?

Some also said that the decision which took by the government was entirely appropriate as Ugandan women often wear short skirts that could distract drivers.

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