Violence against women is violation of human rights, it needs to stop: UN

Violence against women is not new. It usually happens every single day and in every third house around the world. As per research, globally, one in three women experiences physical or sexual violence, mostly by an intimate partner.

However, domestic violence and abuse are not usually come outside that much. As per the reports, women should know and have capable enough to understand the signs of an abusive relationship.

According to the United Nations (UN), domestic violence increased after the coronavirus pandemic hits the nation, which led to an increased number of women isolated in abusive relationships.

Some Common Signs to Recognize the Violence :

1.If your partner keeps his eye on you, they always ask you where you are going with whom you are going, and you need to take permission from him always, even regarding your office, work or school.

2. If your partner insists that you have to give a reply to his texts, emails, and calls immediately and at the same demand your social media passwords.

3. An abusive partner always acts jealous and always forces you to accept that you are in another relationship. They always tont you that you are spending money unnecessarily and your use of medication or birth control. They always force his decisions on you.

4. They may be demeaning. They may put you down by humiliating your appearance, brilliance, or attractions.

5. They may try to shame you in front of others and attempt to ruin your property or things that you care about. They may beat you and hurt you physically, such as beating, hitting, body shaming, slapping or can use a weapon against you.

If not you, but your close friend or a normal friend is facing these kinds of problems, then you must give help to her and try your best to save her life, because she also needs your help and support. Maybe your one complaint create something good in her life.