Women’s equal participation at all levels is their fundamental right: UN

As per the United Nations claimed, women’s full and equal participation at all levels of society is their fundamental right.

Women’s leadership and political participation are restricted at every level, from local to global. Women are underrepresented as voters and in leading positions, whether in elected office or any civil service, private sector, or academia.

This happened despite their giving so many proofs of their abilities as leaders and agents of change and their liberty to participate equally in democratic governance.

Women always faced so many hurdles when they needed to participate in political life—structural barriers through biased laws and institutions still limited with women’s options to run for office.

The meaning of the Capacity gaps is that women are less capable than men to have the education, contacts and resources needed to become effective leaders.

In 2011 during UN General Assembly resolution on women’s political participation, states, “Women in each part of the world persist in being largely marginalized from the political sphere, often as a result of biased laws, rules, mindsets and gender stereotypes, lower levels of education, lack of access to health care and the excessive effect of poverty on women.”

Many women have crossed these obstacles with great and high confidence and honour, often benefiting society at a considerable level.

As a solution, UN guided in order to end these that they should provide training to the women political candidates in a bid to help them so that they can build their capacities and offer voter and civic education and sensitization campaigns or can spread gender equality.

Gender equality supporters in calling on political parties, governments and others to do their part in entrusting women. Other initiatives inspire young men and women to advocate making gender equality counts central to public policymaking.

UN Women supports legislative and constitutional reforms to provide women’s fair admission to political spheres—as voters, candidates, elected officials and civil service members.

We collaborate with UN country teams and work with civil society on programmes so that elections uphold women’s rights, including to vote and campaign free from electoral violence.