Young talent Mumba soars from community to Red Arrows Premier League

Zambia: Ackim Mumba is another young, talented player in the books of Red Arrows, rising through community and academy football to the top flight of the Zambian game.

Zambia: Ackim Mumba is another young, talented player in the books of Red Arrows, rising through community and academy football to the top flight of the Zambian game.

Born on a sunny day of October 4th, 1996, Ackim started his school at Kabanana Primary School before moving to El Elion Private School on the upper land of Kabanana Maplot. He later enrolled at Woodlands A and completed his High School Studies at Kabulonga Boys, where he was part of the School football team.


Though he lost both his parents in the space of two years at eight years old, he never had so many challenges growing up as a double orphan. His mother’s sister, whom he regards as his mother, looked after him as her own son.

Ackim says her mother always emphasized the importance and focus on education. She always assured him of freedom to do anything he wished, including playing football, provided he completed his education and maintained the required discipline.

Before he was recommended to join the Lusaka Youth Soccer Academy, Ackim almost became a basketball player after being found in the company basketballers. He tried fitting in, but his short height could not let him. No wonder maybe that is why he has the sense of being extra smart when it comes to his turnout.

It wasn’t until at a time when he joined a community team that was participating in a Christmas tournament that his outstanding display could not go unnoticed and earned him a place at Lusaka Youth Soccer Academy.

His first training with the Lusaka Youth Soccer Academy impressed the coaches who gave themselves to develop him and turned Mumba from a boy into a young skilful, and promising winger.

Later, in 2012, the time to move came, and the destination was no other place than the Nkoloma Stadium.


With Red Arrows having contributed some players to the national team at that time, there was a need to fill up missing positions, and Ackim was identified as one of those who could come in, and he just did that.

Actually, George Lwamdamina played the young lad several times and was part of the Barclays Squad of 2013, though he did not play.

While at Arrows, he has been loaned twice to Nkana and Zanaco, respectively, the moves that enabled him have a taste of Africa’s most prestigious club football tournaments, the Caf Champions League and Confederations Cups.

He said, his return will be a boost to the team and his career and aims to achieve more with Red Arrows this season.

He chooses Coach Chisi, Kelvin Kaunda and Lwandamina as his top three Coaches who have nurtured his football career.

He says Christiano Ronaldo is his inspiration in the football world and dreams of scoring like the Portuguese forward.

In terms of food, no food quenches his appetite other than nshima and basic Zambian relishes.

Ackim is unmarried and is non-alcoholic. He says he will continue working hard so that his dreams come to pass. He is patient that one day, he is going to win the super league and don the Zambian colours for the Chipolopolo.

To Ackim, we encourage him to continue working hard and remain focused. He is destined for greatness because his talent is unique, and with time, he will be nothing but a complete star. He is an entertaining and enterprising Winger yet to explode on the Zambian scene…he is Ackim Mumba!