A 14-year old was raped and later succumbs to the injuries sustained

A 14-year-old girl in Gbarpolu Country was raped by a 30-year-old man last Wednesday in Kolah village. However, her mother discovered that her daughter was bleeding excessively two days after Christmas eve. Due to the lack of medical facility, she succumbed to that excessive bleeding.

According to reports, the victim identified the alleged rapist as Saah Sumo, 30, soon before her death. The man vowed to kill the girl if she ever recognized him as the rapist.

However, the suspect told country police investigators that the victim’s stepfather committed the horrible conduct, only known as Prince.

The stepfather is yet to call for investigation.

According to Satta Sheriff, Executive Director, Action for Justice and Human Rights,” The reason of this little girl’s death is only because Liberia has refused to give preference to the health and safety of our girls and women. However, the President considered rape a national emergency and spent millions of dollars on the National Budget. However, countries like Gbarpolu still lack a typical safe home or hospital to treat victims.

The rape victim was first taken to Mona clinic, which could not be able to handle her excessive bleeding and condition due to lack of medical supplies and then clinic authorities referred her to the Chief Jallah Lone Health Center in Bopolu city, which is not far from the village.

According to family members, the deceased bled for days and had to wear a pot beneath her clothes because she didn’t have any sanitary pads.

According to Sheriff, the police station of women and protectors have only one staff, making them difficult to deal with these cases.

She has also called the victim’s stepfather, who is also under suspicion.

“The reason for the little girl of age fourteen dies is because Liberia refused to pay attention to prioritize the health and safety of our girls and women. They declared rape as a national emergency and also distributed millions of dollars in the National budget, but countries like Gbarpolu still have lack of common safe home or hospital to treat sexual victims. The country ambulance service is also slow. The presence of police for women and children in Gbarpolu country is poor and inadequate, and This all is not acceptable.”