US Africa chief to hold talks with Somali PM Roble on political and security situations

Prime Minister Mohamed Husein Roble spoke on the phone with Molly Phee, the US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs on 29th December.

The two talked about the country’s political and security circumstances, including the current elections, and asked for legitimate and quick results.


This week, the US State Department’s spokesperson, Ned Price, underlined the US support for an in-person National Consultative Council meeting focused on enhancing and expediting Somalia’s electoral process.

He proceeded on to say that the US is concerned about the ongoing delays as well as the procedural anomalies that have harmed the process’ credibility.

PM tweeted that “Today had a telephonic conversation with US assistant secretary of state of American affairs.”

The subject of their discussions revolved around the country’s political, security, and electoral situation, tweeted by Somalia Prime Minister’s office.

The statement further informed that the PM Roble briefed the US Asst. Secretary of State about the ongoing situation between President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo and his subordinates.


According to reports, Roble told the US diplomat that the outgoing President opposes free and fair elections.

Phee urged Somalia government officials to ease political tensions, particularly Farmajo and Roble.

Somalia’s national and federal Member State leaders must “swiftly conclude credible, transparent, and inclusive legislative and presidential elections and address issues openly and acceptably,” according to the US State Department.

The US remains committed to helping peace and stability in Somalia “and will employ available means to achieve those goals,” it stated emphatically.

The Somalia President’s office has charged PM Roble with interfering with an inquiry into a land-grabbing issue.

The head of Somalia’s marine troops was also removed, and an investigation into allegations of corruption against him was requested.

The statement was called “outrageous ” by Roble’s office, which also decried the attempt to “militarily taker over” the Prime Minister’s office, which he called unconstitutionally,

The two lawmakers also traded insults over the ongoing parliamentary elections, which were supposed to be finished by December 24.

Somalia’s Assistant Information Minister, Abdirahman Yusuf Omar Adala, accused the President of orchestrating an “indirect coup” within the African country.