Africa: Department of Education is on drive to expand Early Childhood

Africa: “Early Childhood Development (ECD) shapes the future and forges a path to the learning of skills and the ability that children need for their success in future learning.

The Department has successfully managed the migration and management of the 0 to 4 years ECD component from the Department of Social Development.


As of 01 April 2022, the Department of Education has taken full responsibility and accountability for the learning and development of children in this age group.

Currently, there are 58 000 children that are subsidized and are accessing ECD Programmes in 1540 fully registered centres which comply with the norms and standards.

I wish to take this opportunity to extend our sincere appreciation to the leadership of the Department of Social Development under the stewardship of MEC Ntshalintshali for the level of professionalism and spirit of collaboration they applied during the transfer period.

The Department is on a drive to expand Early Childhood.

Development and to improve the quality of programmes on offer by ensuring that all five-year-old children have access to quality early childhood development and care and are ready for primary school by 2025.

This programme has four sub-programmes which are to provide specific public ordinary schools with resources required for Grade R, support Grade R and Early Childhood Development centres, provide training and ensure payment of stipends to Pre-Grade R practitioners and provide departmental services for the development of practitioners and educators and non-educators in Grade R.


There are 63 906 Grade R learners that are registered in public schools within the Province.

To support Early Childhood Development programmes and to benefit children up to the age of 5 for this financial year, the Department has budgeted a sum of R774 million”. MEC Majuba; 2022/23 Policy and Budget Speech.