Cape Town

City appreciates firefighters for raising funds by participating in ‘Two Oceans Marathon’

Jermaine and Renaldo ran for an additional 10kg of breathing apparatus to support the course by making a donation to the TTOM Charity Challenge.

Cape Town to attract more Chinese Travellers via destination campaign

Alderman Vos confirmed that they have launched this campaign with the aim of connecting with Chinese tourists like never before.

Arts and Culture department to host ‘Opera in Your Neighbourhood’ with Cape Town Opera Soon

The concert will bring the world-class opera performances directly to the doorstep of the residents and Opera Blocks interactive performances.

80s popular band OMD to perform at ‘Greatest Hits Tour’ in Cape Town

The famous band of 80’s Synth-Pop sensation ‘Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark’ (OMD) will be performing live in Cape Town, next week and will also be performing an opening act at the concert.

Roberto Helou finally makes it to South Africa cycling across Africa under ‘Project Africa’

Roberto Helou shared a post regarding the beginning of their journey and has timely shared the glimpses of their travel.