Aisha Jumwa leads tree planting initiative in Godoni

Kenya: The Cabinet Secretary for Gender, Culture, the Arts and Heritage, Aisha Jumwa led the tree plantation exercise at Godoni, Shimba Hills forest. She was joined by several other stakeholders of the country engaged in tree plantation efforts.

SHe highlighted that the tree planting is one of the most important activities to help combat the affect of global warming and climate change. The administration of the country, led by President William Ruto has urged the people of the country to support their efforts towards afforestation.


For this reason, he also announced the initiative to plant a total of 15 Billion Trees in Kenya by the year 2032. President Ruto and his team have received significant support from the members of the community.

The Kenya Forest Service has planted many trees in various parts of Dominica in the last one year and half. They have done this in collaboration with several partners, private and government organizations including First Lady Rachel Ruto.

The plantation exercise in at Godoni is also a part of the government’s measures that they have taken to address the issue of Climate change in the region. In the plantation exercise, Cabinet Secretary Jumwa was joined by Deputy CCF (Plantation Management and Inventory) Andrew Soi

Kwale Governor Fatuma Achani, and Kwale Senator Boy Issa Juma also supported the initiative with other leaders, senior State Department officials and members of the public.

Cabinet Secretary Jumwa urged the residents to take up tree growing in their homes as part of ensuring cleaner air.  She added that the government is committed to attaining 15 billion trees grown by 2032 through the whole of government approach, all hands on deck.

Further, Deputy CCF Soi noted that Kwale County has both marine and terrestrial ecosystems. These ecosystems are interlinked with the county having underground water channels that mangroves depend on to survive.


He added that Shimba Hills forest is a source of seven rivers that are a source of fresh water for Mombasa County and its environs.