All schools in Bohabela district are encouraged to participate in Rhandza

The Rhandza Xikolo Xa Wena Campaign launch is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, 17 May 2022, in all schools within the Bohlabela District.

All schools within the Bohlabela District are encouraged to mobilize local stakeholders, parents, learners, teachers, non-teaching staff, former students and local business communities and invite them to assist in cleaning, conducting basic painting, fixing broken windows, establishing flower and vegetable gardens, plant trees and improve the surroundings of the schools.

In addition, communities are encouraged to return school property which may be at their disposal so that it can be used for the intended purpose. This may include school furniture, textbooks and electronic devices and so on.

Members of School Governing Bodies working together with School Management Teams in each school must lead from the front and develop a clear schedule of how the activities of the day will unfold.

Parents, learners, teachers, assistant teachers and non-teaching staff are all expected to participate in the activations and conscientize and teach learners about the significance of the cleanliness of each school.

All schools in Bohlabela District are encouraged to participate in this and are granted an official time- off and will be expected to submit a formal report on how the activities progressed and to propose suggestions on how a programme such as this one can be sustained and be improved in future.

Officials from the District and head Office will be deployed to some of the schools within the District to participate in this programme.

There must be an element of fun, innovation and creativity that must be integrated into this programme on the day. As such, the Department will appreciate schools sending some pictures which will be posted on the departmental social media during the activities of the day.

Rhonda XiKolo Xa Wena Campaign seeks to address most of the negative challenges experienced at schools by mobilizing communities to own and safeguard their schools at all times.

It is an Initiative that must be used to condemn all forms of social ills that find their way to schools, such as bullying, corporal punishment, drug trafficking, gangsterism and so on.
It intends to ensure that communities take care of schools, assist in the rehabilitation of broken school properties, protect them from any criminal activity and prevent the trafficking of illegal substances.

All schools in Bohabela district are encouraged to participate in Rhandza