South Africa’s ‘Yummy Mummy’ club celebrates Mother’s day with 7 Mzansi celebrity

It is not at all easy to be a mom in 2022, especially in the 21st century. Mothers are now redefining what it means to be a good mom while still conquering as an individual.

Last week, there was an event called E! Entertainment Yummy Mummy’s Celebration at The Mall of Africa. The red carpet at the function was graced with excellent, bright and beautiful women part of The Yummy Mummy Club.


As per the sources, the event name got from their excellent thinking of what exactly makes a ‘Yummy Mummy ‘, particularly in this day and age. 

They managed to catch a few ladies and asked them a question ‘What makes a Yummy Mummy in 2022? 

Actress and singer Nandi Madida

“A yummy mummy is unapologetically herself,” she said. She takes tremendous satisfaction in being a great mother, is concerned about her children’s legacy, and wants her children to shine and be truly themselves.


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“I embrace that as well; I adore my children, love them with all my heart and want to provide them with the finest life possible.”

Actress Salamina Mosese


“I think a yummy mummy for me is a mommy who knows who she is, who is living her life genuinely, and recognises that the Salamina before she had children and the Salamina after she had children are thoroughly different persons,” she explained.


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“However, this is a new chapter that I am planning to go on; it has been challenging. It has pulled me, but it’s been the most fun I have had cause I feel I am living for something far greater than myself. I absolutely love being a mom.”

I am a mom to two beautiful girls, Tumelo, ten and Thato, two, and they are entirely different from how I parented; the one is not how I parented the other.

“Being a yummy mummy is all about growing into your own, being at ease in your own skin.”

Actress Omuhle Gela

“A yummy mommy for me is absolutely being comfortable in your own flesh,” she explained. Obviously, a lot happens to our bodies when we have children.”


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“So self-confidence is essential. Being able to be a working mom and being able to tackle both worlds.”

Casting director Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson

She stated: A yummy mummy role is not limited to as a mother to her children or child but also understands the importance of self and understanding themselves in the bigger scheme of things and not losing their own identity is more important. 

“It’s about looking after ourselves and becoming the best version of ourselves that we can be.” Then it becomes the best option for our children.”

Actress Mpumi Mophatlane

“A mother for me in 2022 is someone who can do it all,” she said.


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“You don’t have to be physically attractive to be a mother, a wife, a CEO, or a boss lady.”

Actress Kayise Ngqula

According to Ngqula, “My definition for yummy mummy is yumminess, that is the feeling of goodness, love, joy, and it begins with being well inside. 

“I know I always preach to mommies in the industry, but also in my own personal circles, that you can’t be a wonderful mom unless you’re in good shape.”

“It’s high time where mommies are filling themselves up and high so that they can give their best of themselves to their little ones.

“I believe that yummines is just that delight that comes from within and that you can pass on to your children while also being mindful of things that our mothers were not aware of.” We must be the finest version of ourselves in order for them to be the best version of themselves.”

Publicist Melanie Ramjee

“Being a yummy mummy is all about living your truth, whatever that truth is, whatever colour, whatever you are,” she continued.

“It’s about whatever makes you feel yummy and then, of course, having a kid.”

Happy Mothers Day!