Amphibious wheelchairs donated to celebrate world oceans day and beach clean-up

Africa: The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality’s Beaches, Resort and Events Management sub-directorate received two amphibious wheelchairs that were donated by the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment at the Happy Valley on Saturday, 11 June 2022.

The amphibious wheelchairs are aimed at making going to the beach more accessible for people with physical disabilities. The innovative wheelchairs are amphibious in that they are able to move easily on sand and float on water.

The wheelchairs will be used by thousands of physically challenged tourists and locals who flock to the seaside to play and create holiday memories with their friends and families.


In order to utilise these wheelchairs, residents are encouraged to request them at the Beach Office between 8h00 and 16h30 every day.

The donation of the amphibious wheelchairs is part of the World Oceans Day Celebrations.

The purpose of this is to raise awareness of the importance of the Marine and biodiversity sector in the context of South Africa. Moreover, this is undertaken to promote and enhance the inclusiveness of every South African citizen, creating equal opportunities, inclusion and a redress environment.

A beach clean-up was also part of the program where various primary school children and grade 8 pupils were part of the clean-up, education and awareness on the importance of preservation of the environment and how a thing such as littering can have a major impact on marine life.