Buganda Prime minister will visit Europe this month

Buganda: The prime minister of Buganda, Oweek Charles Peter Mayiga, has announced that he will visit the Kings’ people in Europe this month to learn about them and also inform them about what is happening in the government of this King.

The prime minister has told the journalists this morning in a meeting held here at Bulange in Mengo.


The prime minister has said that there are many people of the King in Europe, and the King wants to communicate with them and said that there is a need to communicate with these people directly, even if the King has his husbands, to get ideas. Share some different issues that help the Kingdom.

The Katikkiro has said that he will inform you about the plans of the Kingdom and the updates of the 2018-2023 programme. The Kingdom has been moving its work to show you what is achieved and is not done.

The prime minister has added that he will continue addressing these people for five reasons; protecting and strengthening the throne; federal government; protecting Buganda land and borders; working hard, and strengthening OB. I’m so proud of you.

The prime minister has said that he will present the ideas that he will get and discuss to see how they are put into the plans of the Kingdom.

He told the journalists that this trip was supposed to happen in 2020, but the flu stopped it.

The prime minister will visit Norway, Netherlands; Scotland, and England on this trip.