Building fire claims three lives, one missing in Missionlands

The Reaction Unit South Africa has recovered the burnt bodies of three people in a building destroyed in a fire on Eagle Road in Missionlands.

South Africa: The Reaction Unit South Africa has recovered the burnt bodies of three people in a building destroyed in a fire on Eagle Road in Mission Lands – KZN. The fire broke out in the building in the late hours of the morning or early afternoon on Saturday.

The reaction unit was alerted of the incident when four men did not return to their homes after working a night shift. Notably, the family and friends of the individuals arrived at their workplace to look for them.


The friends and family reached the building destroyed by fire and looked into the gutted structure through a window. At this point, they noticed something that looked like skeletal remains and alerted the Reaction Unit officers.

Reaction officers and Paramedics from the unit responded to the call and reached the designated area. After they arrived, the paramedics confirmed that the remains were of human nature. Notably, the remains were of a single individual.

The Ethekwini Fire & Rescue Services also arrived at the scene after the RUSA paramedics. They located two more bodies inside the building. Meanwhile one of the 4 missing persons is still unaccounted for.

The relatives of the deceased victims talked to the Reaction Unit officers and shared the information about the incident. They revealed that nine Malawian nationals were working the night shift at the furniture manufacturing business.

The fire broke out during the shift on Friday at approximately 23:30. The employer of the Malawian workers had locked the exits and entrances of the place at the start of their shift.

Due to the locked entrances and exits, the men could not escape the inferno. The Reaction officers noted that the survivors provided this information.


Meanwhile, the survivors revealed that out of nine Malawian workers, five jumped out of windows from the upper level of the building. They escaped with minor injuries.

Firefighters are searching for the fourth victim. The people of the country have expressed their sincere condolences on the unfortunate death of the three victims. The people are demanding that the employer be charged for his actions, which resulted in this unfortunate incident.

The people were digested by the employer who put the life of his workers at risk and demanded that his name must be revealed.