Cape Town Metro Police busts 1.4kg Dagga

Cape Town Metro Police busted dagga drugs in Bishop Lavis town. The officers acted on information of dagga selling from a house in local area.

Logo of Metro Police of Cape Town
Logo of Metro Police of Cape Town

Cape Town: The City of Cape Town Metro Police Officer busted dagga drugs in Bishop Lavis town on Feb 5, 2024.

As per the sources, the officers acted on information of dagga being sold from a house in the local area after 11:00 a.m.


Reportedly, on arrival of the drugs, the owner granted permission to search the premises where officers found a woman at the back of the house who was busy in packing dagga.

While investigating the premises further, it was revealed that various quantities of cannabis were infused in sweets and cigarettes and some were packed in sachets. The smugglers were also selling loose dagga that weighed 1.4 kilograms.

Moreover, the police officers of Cape Town also found cash of R160,000 that the woman could not account for.

Dagga Drug busted by Cape Town Metro Police
Dagga Drug busted by Cape Town Metro Police

As per the recent reports, the suspect is identified as 27-year-old man. He was arrested for drug-related charges and was detained at Bishop Lavis SAPS. All exhibits, including the money were booked in for further investigation.

Following the case many locals have reacted and responded to it. The city people filled the comment section with their views and opinions which are a must read.

A social media user Van Rensburg Gerhardus praised the police officers and wrote, “Thanks officers good work.”


Another person Tawfeeq Abrahams responded claiming, “It’s not dagga, it’s Marijuana.”

A person with the username Nomathamsanqa Maqanda commented, “I thought it was legal in South Africa but then again siseKapa not eSouth Africa.”

Another user Glenda Titus reacted, “It’s by time that they need to get the route of it, most kids are smoking dagga on way to skool as we can smell it when they pass that is why we have so many kids fail skool cause the dagga makes them tired and the brain don’t accept what teacher teach them.”

Pointing out the crime, Jahrelle Heim wrote, “Wow 1.4kg of dagga. Must be a major crime syndicate. You guys are such heroes. Probably just took away a family’s only income. Make yourselves useful and go take down the tik and cocaine dealers that are ruining lives and responsible for actual crime.”

Another person Rebecca Robyn commented, “People can laugh and justify people dealing till they’re blue in the face. You might think that they’re cute and angelic and just surviving day to day… well they’re not! If this is the house I think it is, well it’s a nest of evil doers, dealing drugs, robbing people and breaking into their homes, hiding guns in other people’s yard.”

Rebecca continued the comment, “If it’s not the house I’m talking about, I stand corrected. Dealers are not harmless, they are criminals who don’t care who they hurt. It’s a scourge and it’s breaing down families and the community. Drug dealing go hand in hand with other major crimes.”