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Essential tips you need to know before booking your MSC Cruise travel

Dreaming of sailing away into an African sunset or indulging in delicious cuisine in the middle of the Indian or Atlantic Ocean, look no further than an MSC Cruise.

PM Roosevelt Skerrit welcomes Bellevue Chopin students to PMO

Prime Minister of Dominica, Dr Roosvelt Skerrit hostedf the students of the Bellevue Chopin Primary School to his office.

City of Cape Town invests over R5.5M to replace 2244 metres of sewer pipes in Maitland

Maitland project has saw the replacement of 2244m of sewer pipes that were found between one to five metres underground in Steen Street, Royal Road, Camden Street, Kensington Street, Coronation Road, Amstel Road, Miramonte Street, Janssens Road and Bodmin Street.

Ghana Tourism collabs with Ghana Navy to harness ‘Trip to the Equator’

The partnership aims to capitalize on the growing demand for experiential tourism and Ghana’s strategic location as the only country closest to the centre of the earth.

Entrepreneurs gather at City’s Local Economy Symposium inaugural in Khayelitsha

It was organised with an aim of the symposium to provide a platform for local enterprises to network and learn about various mechanisms that includes City initiatives which would elevate their services and products.