Cape Town rape survivor-turned-activist supports for GBV victims

South Africa: More than 10,000 people were raped in South Africa in the first three months of this year, a daunting formation that only fuels a Cape Town survivor’s mission to help those affected by gender-based violence.

Last week, on Friday, Minister of Police Bheki Cele released crime statistics for the fourth quarter, revealing that sexual offences recorded a 13.7% increase between January and March. 


As per sources, Delft police station was among the top three stations that recorded the highest incidents of rape in this period.

One of the 19-year-old Azile, who only wants her first name mentioned, changing the mindset of rape survivors from victims to victors, is dedicated to her project. 

Azile is currently working as an anti-rape activist and intern at the human rights non-profit The Justice Desk and is committed to playing a part in ending GBV. 

The ‘victim to victor’ message is one Azile, who was raped, shares to empower women and girls. 

According to Azile, changing your mindset from victim to victor is a procedure of shifting your beliefs, truth, and your perspective.  

Furthermore, she included: It is a journey which requires intention, commitment to yourself and passion for transformation. I am a victim. I want to do something to end this. 


I personally faced a bad experience, which is why I don’t want anyone else to go and face this what I faced, she added. 

Her motive in her work is to help South African women and make it a safe space for women. 

She added: I hope that we can end this gender-based violence and make South Africa rape-free. Everybody has a right to wear what they want to wear and should be comfortable in their own country. 

According to Azile, the Justice system of South Africa is almost failed.

She added that survivors have to face their perpetrators every day and live in fear because the legal system fails in this country. 

She added: “The government needs to ensure that survivors get justice by all means necessary. We need stronger laws that ensure perpetrators get what they deserve.