Chief Justice, Deputy Speaker & Oulanyah’s brother leaves nation to see Speaker Oulanyah

The Chief Justice’ Alfonse Owiny-Dollo‘ and Deputy Speaker of Parliament’ Anita Among’ have streamed out of the country in order to visit hospitalized Speaker of Parliament’ Jacob Oulanyah’ in the United States of America (USA).

As per the reports, the pair left the country at 0500hrs via the Entebbe International Airport on Tuesday evening and are set to arrive in the US on Wednesday.


Plenary on Tuesday afternoon was kept for just 30 minutes before Deputy Speaker Among adjourned the house to a later date, leaving the lawmakers wondering why some items on the order paper were left untouched.

While speaking to this website, the Parliament Speaker’ Chris Obore’ authorized the development. However, they stated that the schedule of Among and their chief justice’s travel to the US are fixed.

Moreover, this is not the first plenary and also not cut short. The planning to deputy speaker to travel is scheduled because there was not much business in the house, said Obore.

As per Obore, “the reason of her travelling to the US, is because I have seen their social media with all types of angles but no, checking on a patient is something usual, and there is no patient whose family, friends, and relatives do not visit.”

Furthermore, Obore stated that the deputy speaker was scheduled in a bid to visit her boss, but today’s plenary had to happen.

“Highlight about the chief justice, of all the friends that I have known of the speaker ‘Jacob’, chief Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo is one of his closest friends I know. So if the friend is going to plan to visit the friend who is in hospital, it should not raise speculations,” he added.


Obore stated, “I assure that the speaker has gone to see her boss, firstly, in order to know his condition, and may give details about him briefly about what has so far been handled in the house.

And as per the reports, which indicated that Francis Emuna joined the pair, he is a supportive staff at Parliament and their biological brother to speaker Oulanyah. However, this website could have not independently verified this report since Obore did not mention it.

Several Ugandans on social media had started assuming that the speaker’s health, who has been hospitalized in the US since February 3, 2022, might have further declined, forcing the deputy speaker and chief justice to storm out of the country.

Obore highlighted the point of the assumptions is because of what we have become as a society. I do not know whether people want to hear bad news all the time.

Obore noted that communication would come through the right channels if anything needed to be communicated.